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If you're the type of person who's going to step-up and protect the innocent when the time comes... and if you're reading this you probably are... then NOW is the time to learn this skill.

Inside You'll Discover...

Is a citizen's arrest legal? - Many times yes, but you've really got to know what you're doing!
The Law List - A comprehensive list of state laws including Texas, Indiana, Florida, Oklahoma and all the rest!
REVEALED: What are the requirements to make a citizen's arrest?
How to place someone under citizen's arrest. 
WARNING: 6 common mistakes – and how to avoid them!
Do you have to actually see the crime yourself? - The answer may surprise you.
Do you have to say, “You're under arrest?” - There are some interesting exceptions in California and other states!
Can you use a gun to arrest an unarmed suspect?
How reckless driving relates to citizen's arrest.
AMAZING: Larry's secret on how to spot a crime in progress... even when the cops can't! (The full case study revealed.)
Use of force... including a case study on when an inexperienced person my escalate to using force before it's necessary. (And specifically how to handle that bigger, stronger aggressor!)
Restraints - A chapter on restraints including Larry's unique (and experienced!) perspective on handcuffs, thumb cuffs and improvised restraints.
Do you have to read the arrestee his rights? - Larry ended up in court over the issue of Miranda Rights on one citizen's arrest he made. You get the exact case study, in Larry's own words, and the judge's warning!
The anatomy of an arrest.
Chasing the suspect... surprising things you've likely never thought of.
5 Citizen's Arrest Myths!
Should you make a written statement?
EXCLUSIVE: Larry's “Magic Phrases”. Use these word-for-word phrases to make an arrest go so much easier.
What to do while waiting for the police to arrive. - Learn this now and avoid the awkward (or confrontational!) reality no other resource is preparing you for.
What to do... and NOT do when the police arrive. (This goes far beyond "common sense" and deep into "need-to-know" information!)
Case Studies: 11 Real World Case Studies from some of Larry's own arrests.
And much, much more!

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P.S. – Larry Kaye, P.I. wrote this guide to citizen's arrest specifically to answer the most common questions about how to make a citizen's arrest and reveal the subtleties that are only learned after years of experience.


Arrest authority isn't just a police power limited to the F.B.I., police and sheriff’s deputies.  Get this ebook today and learn about your rights!

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